Slavsko is a popular ski destination in Ukraine with great facilities and low prices. Read here about the resortís amenities and conditions.
At this time the most popular of all the Carpathian ski resorts, it offers a number of good facilities to tourists. Nestled near Mount Trostyan (900m to 1230m in elevation) , it benefits from having a good number of ski lifts plus a wide range of ski runs for all levels of skiers- from beginners to pros.

The slopes here vary from 700m to a good 2000m in length.

This ski resort is spread out over 5 mountains. The slopes on Mount Gabrovets will suit you, if you want to ski in peace on uncrowded slopes. The ski runs here are 850m and there is a ski lift.

Located in the heart of the resort, Mounts Politekh and Pagor are 450m and 650m respectively. There are ski lifts and the runs are popular with people of all skills.

Mount Trosyan boasts of abundance of good quality runs and caters excellently for beginners to pros. Located at the edge of the resort, the mount has 2500m in height. The ski lifts are available.

  Mount Krokus and Mount Gabrovets are similar since they are less crowded than other areas of Slavsko. The trails here are of a good quality. Lifts are only opened on the week end at Mount Krokus.

Apres-ski life here is quite vivid. Many tourists visit Slavsko’s restaurants, many of which have been designed in traditional wooden alpine style.

The summer time in the Carpathians is equally stunning. The area takes pride in miles of forested and unspoilt mountain countryside and if you want to relax, but not be completely away from civilization, then the Slavsko region is highly recommended. The countryside is only broken up by some quaint traditional villages and small farms.

Slavsko is located on the Kiev-Uzhgorod rail road. You can also drive 120km from Lviv to get there.

A train ticket from Lviv costs about 2.5 USD.

You can also hire a taxi which normally costs around 45 USD one way.

Routes length: 700- 2000 m
Top elevation: 1230 m
Lifts (T-bars and Poma lifts): 800-2800 m