Turkey is famous not only as beach destination. Many people come here to relish Turkish slopes. Rapidly developing skiing infrastructure caters to all the whims of the visitors.


People used to visit Turkey for sea and sun – it is well-known for all. But the fact that Turkey is visited for proper winter rest is known only to genuine Alpine skiing lovers. In fact this country is ready to offer its guests both. 

Some go to Antalya at the end of October to catch last sunbeams, while others fly towards the Sea of Marmara to see the first snowfalls at the sides of Uludag Mountain.

Skiing and Alpine skiing are not popular among Turks. But they are very attentive to the whims of their European guests: they build new hotels, lay downhill trails, launch lifts, and organize entertainment programs. Every good hotel has a night club for adults and mini-club for children. Fitness centers always have swimming pool, Jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, gyms and massage. 

Snow on the tops of Turkish mountains lasts 170 day per year in average. Developed ski zones of this country are the spurs of Uludag Mountain (near Bursa city), Palandoken massif (Erzurum), Saklikent (Antalya), and Sarykamysh (Kars). Two first resorts managed to approve themselves both at the touristic market and among Alpine skiers.

Ski Resorts
Although Turkey is famous for its beaches, it also boasts ski resorts, where the visitors can ski groomed trails and chaste slopes in the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient country.