St. Moritz
St. Moritz is also dubbed the "Top of the World", the resort upholds its reputation and offers its visitors only first class services. It was the home for Winter Olympic Games for two times.
St. Moritz

St. Moritz is called the Top of the World. It is really #1 rest place in the world – famous, traditional, and up-to-date. It hosted the Winter Olympic Games twice (1928, 1948), now from 280 thousand to 1.5 million people visit it every year.

St. Moritz has all the advantages that a winter resort may have: the snow cover here is save, the weather is stable and real frosts are almost impossible, the altitude (however not excessive) makes the air like dry champagne. Famous people and springs of monarch families, movie stars and the rich gladly come to St. Moritz to spend their vocations.  There are villas and mansions on Suvretta side, about fifty billionaires are among their owners.

The resort life is also subject to appropriate laws. Restaurants here are famous (La Marmite), hotels - luxurious (Suvreta House), night clubs are elite (Drakula), entertainments – exotic (for example, skijoring). Cricket, polo, and golf tournaments are held on the ice of St. Moritz lake. St. Moritz is the capital of all winter sports, here one can both actively train them and enjoy as a spectacular on the stand. Thus, Engadin ski race held every year in March gather about 10 000 participants.

St. Moritz is fairly famous as a ski resort. The Upper Engadin Valley has a lot of wonderful trails of all levels. The most famous are Morteratsch (10 000 m, elevation change 1083 m), Minor, Bernina Lagalb (3200 m, elevation change 852 m), Olympia, Corvigila (2100 m, elevation change 481 m), Trais Fluors, Marguns (1800 m). The lightened trails are Survih, Samedan (intermediate, on Wednesday from 20.00 till 22.00) and San Spiert, Pontresina (easy, on Fridays till 21.45).

 All the resorts of the Upper Engadin have their own advantages. Quiet and cozy Celerina village is perfect for family rest. Lifts lead from here to Marguns and Corviglia ski resorts. Silvaplana is located on the main road that connects the villages of the region. Funicular (via Murtel (2702 m) leads to the famous peak of Corvatsch (3300 m) where the glacier shines under sunlight and trails go in different directions over the slopes (the most interesting is one going via lake, 6000 m). Sils strikes with its calmness: in this side valley the environment is protected so actively that even power lines are hidden.  The nearest ski area is Furtschellas, it has a lot of blue trails, one may also quickly get to Corvatsch (though making a change). Pontresina on the way to the Bernina pass – traditional Engadin village famous by its climbing traditions; 10 km away from here are Lagalb and Diavolezza ski areas.

Going to spend vocation in St. Moritz you will be pleased to know that it has 322 sunny days per year in average.

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