Saas-Fee is dubbed "Alps perl". The resort boasts diverse trails and lift network. It offers a developed infrastructure with plenty of transport and lodge options.

Saas-Fee resort is called “pearl of the Alps”: the glacier above the valley shines in the sun like a pearl in the framing of distant mountains. From Saas-Fee one may see a dozen of 4000 plus peaks. It is difficult to imagine a resort located in a more beautiful place.

Saas-Fee ski region is divided into four zones that have trails of different categories. All the slopes end at the edge of the village. The cable way leads to the station of Felskin at the glacier (3000 m) and then “Alpine metro”, i.e. underground railroad, takes you to the station of Mittel-Allalin at the elevation of 3500 m. It is the third highest Swiss railway station, but underground trains do not exceed this elevation.

 The trail leading from here to Saas-Fee is the longest in the region (intermediate, 14 000 m, elevation change 1778 m). Its section from the Felskin glacier to the village is very beautiful, as well as downhill from Längfluh (2870 m) to Spielboden (2450 m). The most difficult trail is Weisse Perle (1000 m, elevation change 350 m). Plattjen (2567 m) is located on the opposite side of the valley. Lifts take tourists to the northern slopes that are skiable even in the high spring. On the glaciers above Saas-Fee season lasts in summer and in autumn.

There are also other villages in the Saastal Valley that have turned into ski resorts over the last years. Thus, Saas-Grund has 35 km of its own downhill trails, Saas-Almagel - 10 km. The most interesting downhill is from the upper lift station of Hoch-Saas (3200 m, trail 10 000 m, elevation change 1540 m) to Saas-Grund.  Te two named resorts are not as remarkable as Saas Fee, but it has the advantages: they are cheaper, cozier, and quieter.  Saas-Fee, like many Swiss resorts, was declared a pedestrian zone. Only electromobiles (including electrotaxi) are allowed to move along the streets.

One of the funiculars leads to Hanning station (2350 m) from where the longest toboggan track starts (5 km). Saas Fee has outdoor skating-rink and sport center (swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tanning salon, sauna, fitness center, billiards, tennis, table tennis, badminton). Over 60 restaurants and bars are waiting for guests après-ski.

20 km of   foot paths are laid in the surroundings of Saas-fee. Overnight stay in a cabin at the elevation of 3300 m can be booked via tourist office. The main sight of these places is revolving restaurant at the upper lift station.  From here (3500 m) almost the whole Switzerland is seen and a part of Italy.  Ice pavilion, i.e. museum of the glacier history, is located near. The museum of local lore is opened in Saas-Fee.

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