Les Diablerets
Les Diablerets has time-proved reputation. Well-groomed trails for skiers of all abilities, developed lift network, ski schools and apres-ski amenities are enjoyed by numerous visitors of the place.
Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets in the Ormont-Dessous Valley at the foot of the mountain massif with the same name was already known as a resort in the first half of XX century, but it has flourished over the last several decades. The network of lifts connects the village with the glacier above and with the neighboring regions of Isenau, Meilleret, and Villars.

The best downhill slopes start above Pillon pass (1546 m). From here lift delivers sportsmen to the upper glacier plateau (3000 m). From the first intermediate station of Pierre-Pointes one may return to the pass over the virgin slope.  From the second station of Cabane des Diablerets, as well as from the upper station, one may downhill only to Reusch on the other side of the pass. This trail, Combe-d’Audon, is the longest and the most beautiful trail in the region. (14 000 m, elevation change 1520, intermediate). The most difficult trail is Pierre-Pointes trail (from the glacier, 3000 m, elevation change 671 m).

 Downhilling from the upper plateau of the Les Diablerets glacier (3016 m) towards the Parpio glacier is very dangerous because of cracks and ice barriers; one should use guide’s services here.  Downhilling via the Tsanfleron glacier to Sanetsch pass (2242 m) and then to the village of Dion (900 m) is the longest and the most interesting downhill of those starting at the upper station of lift on the glacier. But to return one will have to take bus or train (about 80 km).

The best virgin slopes are those starting at the upper lift station in Isenau: northern direction – towards L’Etivaz (about 8 km), eastern direction – towards Feutersoey (about 9 km).

On Wednesdays and Thursday 6-kilometer toboggan downhill is lightened (Meilleret chair lift and toboggan rent are not included into ski-pass). Loipe Le Rosex cross country trail (1080-1095 m, length 1200 m) is lightened every day from 19.00 till 22.00.

The resort offers various sports, including paragliding, cinema, concerts, folklore performances, etc.

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