Gstaad is a luxury ski resort where lots of celebrities adore to stay. The resort boasts its well-developed infrastructure which caters to white sport enthusiasts of all abilities and ages.

Gstaad is a ski region in the Bernese Alps. It includes 10 villages located at the elevation from 950 to 1230 m. Despite a great number of lifts not all areas of the region are connected.  In this sense the most important points are the villages of Saanenmoser, Schonried, and St. Stephan. The ski-pass is valid for ski, route, and post buses, and for Montreux-Oberland railroad.  Gstaad owes his popularity to this railroad built in the very beginning of XX century, since it connected this mountain village with Paris and London.

Over the last decades Gstaad has been the favorite place of the jet set. For many of its representatives Alpine skiing is just a fashionable supplement of the high program. So the presence of crowned heads, diplomats, and movie stars does not prevent the rest from going in for favorite sports.

The longest trail goes from the Les Diablerets glacier via Oldensattel to Reusch (14 000 m, elevation change 1700 m). On the glacier season lasts all the year round.  The most difficult are trails of Tiger Run in the area of Wassergrat (2000 m, elevation change 500 m) and Relleri (2500 m, elevation change 500 m). Slalom track in the area of Rougemont (difficult, 500 m) is lightened on Wednesday and Friday from 19.15 to 22.00.

 There are several parks for snowboarders in the outskirts, but those who love virgin skiing will be disappointed with Gstaad surroundings. There are virgin parcels along railways and cable cars, but they are quite short. To enjoy virgin skiing in full and find a long slope one shall apply to ski school and invite an instructor or a guide.

Cross country skiing is very popular in the region. Some trails are laid at the elevation of 3000 m, but there are also lower interesting trails, for example, that going between Gstaad and Chateaux d'Oex along the bank of rapid mountain river Sarine (26 km) or two trails (easy and difficult) between the villages of Saanenmoser and Schonried.

Among popular entertainments – tobogganing (trails: Eggli near Gstaad, Gsteig, Saanenwald, Rougemont) and balloon flights. Chateaux d'Oex is international center where balloon pilots exchange their experience. Guests of the resort may take a trial flight (80 - 100 m) or a real air excursion over the surroundings. Sport and fitness centers of prestigious Gstaad are opened till night. There are dozens of restaurants, discos and bars, where one may spend après-ski time.

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