Films, Laax and Falera
The area offers diverse options for winter sports enthusiasts: well-groomed trails, great number of lifts, ski school, half-pipe, snow parks and many more.
Films, Laax and Falera

Three resorts in the area of Graubünden  - Flims (1100 m), Laax (1020 m) and Falera (1220 m) -form common ski region with the area of 140 sq. m. The vast valley between Vorab (3018 m) and Flimserstein mountains is called Alpine Arena.

The slopes over Flims village are like terraces and it determines the skiing conditions of this area. The lift (one of the first chair lifts in Europe) takes skiers to the stations of Foppa (1420 m) and Naraus (1843 m) from where intermediate trails start.  Experienced sportsmen try to get to the slopes of the Cassons ridge, where winter-protected trails allow them to show their skills in full.

 Various opportunities are waiting for those who got to the top of Grauberg (2228 m): easy trails lead to Nagens, difficult trails – to Plaun. In addition, one may easy reach the slopes of La Siala mountain (2810 m) also popular among downhillers.

Flims is the most famous of Alpine Arena resorts, but many interesting trails are easier to reach from Laax (1400 inhabitants) and Falera (500 inhabitants, church of XV century). The railroad leads from Laax-Murshetg to Crap Sogn Gion and Crap Masegn, from these points one may easily get to any trail. The most difficult one is FIS-Fatschas from Crap Sogn Gion (4800 m, elevation change 1140 m). The longest trail is Der Weisse Schuss (White Shot), it goes from Vorab‘s peak to Flims (14 000 m, elevation change 1900 m, from easy to difficult on different sections).

There are 7 km of downhill trails on the Vorab glacier. A half-pipe for snowboarders (110 m) is located on its lower part, the second half-pipe of the same length is near Crap Sogn Gion. The only lightened trail in this region is cross country Ner (3000 m, from 19.00 till 21.00 three times a week).

The resorts of the Alpine Valley are cozy and convenient, skiing conditions here are perfect. But on weekends and holidays the inhabitants of the neighboring town of Chur (20 km) rush here, so it is better to get to lifts earlier. In such a day one may move in the opposite direction, i.e. to Chur (20 km) - the earliest settlement on Swiss territory; here tourists visit Romance cathedral, museum of arts, and nature museum.

But in the three resorts you will not also get bored: in addition to indoor and outdoor sports you may try paragliding, paraskiing, or balloon flights.

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