Spain is one of the most moutainous countries in Europe. Though its location is rather southern, Spain ski resorts have lots to offer to the white sports enthusiasts, such as superb ski conditions and plenty of non-ski options.


Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe (the first one is Switzerland), it caters superb skiing conditions regardless of its comparatively southern location.

There are plenty of Spanish ski resorts not only in the Pyrenees in the north, but also as south as the Sierra Nevada in the south of Spain. Resorts are nested in the proximity to the major cities, like Madrid and Barcelona. Major Spanish ski resorts cater to snowboarders as well.The most privileged skiing in Spain is considered to be in the Pyrenees. The ski slopes outer Madrid, though they are less advanced,  is accessible in about one hour by public transportation, by car, or by buses served by ski clubs. And if you have no equipment you can easily rent it there.

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Ski Resorts
Ski resorts in Spain provide a full range of services and high-quality ski conditions. Marvellous mountain views and abundant non-ski options are among the main attractions of the Spanish ski resorts.