Though Slovakia is small country in the Central Europe, it can boast well-developed infrastructure of the ski resorts. Low prices here do not mean low service.


Slovakia, a little country in the heart of Europe is very beautiful. Its ski regions are two major massifs - the Low Tatras (Dumbier peak, 2045 m) and the High Tatras (Gerlahovski Štit, 2655 m). As a rule snow cover in the Low Tatras is safer than in the High Tatras. 

The season lasts from December to the end of March in both regions. Ski areas reach 2050-2200m. 

Alpine skiing has long been popular in Slovakia. Therefore its infrastructure has been developed: Slovakian resorts provide the tourists with all the things necessary for proper rest. Tatrian resorts attract the nearest European neighbors by the combination of fair service level and quite affordable prices. For example, a substantial dinner costs between 5-10 dollars.

Excursions offered by tourist offices and hotels are worth of going:  Demanovska Cave (stalactites, stalagmites, underground lake), Bojnice's castle of ghosts, mediaeval Slovakian towns and others.

Ski Resorts
Slovakia boasts ski resorts with well-developed infrastructure. Its well-groomed trails and lift network are enjoyed by all guests.