Scotland boasts of spectacular sceneries of Highlands in winter and fantastic skiing there. Get to know more about Scottish ski resorts and their amenities.

scotish_ski_resortsIf you decide to ski in Scotland, prepare for bigger, faster uplift (including Nevis Range's four seater chairlift); great catering facilities; great lodging variety in a short distance from the chosen ski area, as well as a full diversity of attractions if there are non-skiers with you.

The trails are shorter than in the Alps, and the weather not so reliable. But after a good snowfall, and the weather fair, skiing in Scotland is rather enjoyable. Besides the downhill diversity, one can try his/her hand at the Nordic, or cross-country. If there are problems with snow one may try ice climbing.

Scotland's mountains catch the snow. For instance, Ben Nevis has an average maximum depth of two metres of snow for 215 days between November and May, and it is located next to Nevis Range, one of Scotland's five ski areas.

Ski Resorts
Check out the main ski resorts in Scotland. Find out what are their amenities, conditions, locations and services available.