Oukaimeden is one of the best ski resorts in Morocco that boasts ultimate ski conditions, facilities and non-ski activities. It is located near Marrakech, which means that one can relish the unique attractions of the city after leaving the slopes.

Oukaimeden is a ski resort in the desert. Thick snow covers the Jabal Oukaimeden mountain summit in winter (usually January and February), in just a 46-mile (74km) from Marrakech. The resort town of Oukaimeden, accessible by taxi or self-drive car, is suitable for those skiers that request restaurants, ski rental shops, and comfy hotels, set in flourishing greenery with blue mountains on the background. Skiers can get on the mountain riding on a donkey or camel, but they may use common modern ski lifts.

Morocco’s best ski resort is nestled in a 1 hour, 30 minute drive from Marrakech and it takes its pride in about 12.5 miles of trails and lots of off-trail options. The resort’s scenery is overwhelming and Oukaimeden is an incredible place where one may experience the average European or American service, with an exotic flavor of Africa.

The resort has been trendy with rich Moroccans for many years and it has enhanced into one of the country’s best winter destinations. As it is rather close to Marrakech, it is easily accessible from the city and its astonishing off-trail options will bring joy to ski enthusiasts for days.

Oukaimeden offers a variety of 20 trails for diverse skills, but the ski resort’s most excellent lure is the access it caters to numerous chaste trails that zigzag through the High Atlas mountain range. Seven chairlifts operate on the slopes, as well as the continent’s highest at an altitude of 10,734 feet.

 A number of other leisure activities include golf, mountain biking, rock climbing, camel riding and surfing in Morocco’s dazzling ocean. Marrakech is nested within a 2-hour drive of the resort, offering an excess of sightseeing, leisure options and opportunities.

There is no sufficient amount of accommodation close to Oukaimeden, and hotels here tend to be irrationally expensive. Most guests visiting the resort prefer to spend the day there and then go back to Marrakech in the evening, where one can find a wider choice of lodgings to meet all guests’ demands and incomes.

Skiing here is at its best from around mid-January to mid-February.

Resort Information

Top elevation: 10742 ft
Season duration: Mid-January - Mid-February
Number of lifts: 7
Number/length of trails:  20

Contact Information

Tel: 22203798