Ski Resorts
Moroccan ski resorts amaze the guests with the sceneries surrounding the ski areas, as one slides the slopes in the desert. Long for adventure and get away from routine? Head for Moroccan ski resorts that cater vacation with a flavor of Africa's charm!

morocco-resortOne can ski in the High Atlas from January to March. Oukaïmeden boasts great alpine skiing, it is located 70 km south of Marrakesh; if not go to Mischliffen in the Middle Atlas on the doorway of Meknes and Fez. These resorts boasts modern ski lift network. Enthusiasts of cross-country skiing can opt among the massifs in the Rif, the Middle and High Atlas, all of them cater thrilling programs.

 Oukaimeden is located south of Marrakech (46 miles) in the High Atlas Mountains and is typically snow-covered in January and February. The area is served by ski lifts (but if you prefer adventure may use a donkey) and ski rental shops but high quality of the equipment is rare here. There are some dining places and two hotels. Oukaimeden is easily accessible from Marrakech and that will cost you about $40 to get there by taxi.

Mischliffen is a ski area in the proximity to the town of Ifrane in the Middle Atlas Mountains (close to Fes and Meknes). Though the slopes are equipped with ski lifts here but they don't always operate, but you can easily walk up the hills. The best way to get there is by a taxi from Ifrane (6 miles away).

Oukaimeden is one of the best ski resorts in Morocco that boasts ultimate ski conditions, facilities and non-ski activities. It is located near Marrakech, which means that one can relish the unique attractions of the city after leaving the slopes.