Morocco is the country that offers incredible opportunity of skiing on the hottest continent - Africa. Dream of adventure and exotic ski vacation? Set off for Moroccan ski resorts and experience skiing the slopes surrounded by the desert sands!
moroccoAfrica will never be a main world ski destination, but there are skiing opportunities available in Morocco, South Africa and Lesotho. South Africa and Lesotho provide ski conditions during their winter months (from June to August). Want to ski in Africa during January and February? Then Morocco is the only option. There are two ski resorts in Morocco where snow is expected to fall and guests can rent ski equipment. Both of these ski resorts would not cost you more than $25 for the day.  Cross country skiing is available throughout the Atlas Mountains but you should think over bringing your own equipment and camping supplies as the shelters are particularly fundamental.
Ski Resorts
Moroccan ski resorts amaze the guests with the sceneries surrounding the ski areas, as one slides the slopes in the desert. Long for adventure and get away from routine? Head for Moroccan ski resorts that cater vacation with a flavor of Africa's charm!