Ski Resorts
Ski resorts in Lebanon are usually compared to those in Europe catering top snow conditions and unbelievable slope skiing. Experience sliding down the hills in one of the most ancient and intriguing areas in the Middle East!

lebanon-resortsMany people when think of Lebanon, imagine ancient ruins, beaches, a vigorous and beautifully set capital, and maybe still with the civil war that raged there for years. However, only few people know of the possibility of skiing in this Mediterranean and Middle Eastern area. But many ski resorts are actually located in the proximity to the capital. And you can view Beyrut, and other coastal cities, mountain ranges and the Mediterranean Sea from the peak of Mzaar. It will take you about 1 hour to get to the slopes from the capital.

The rental gear is rather good, and once you have your lift pass - you are ready to get up and experience Lebanese snow. The lifts are rather old and slow, but anyway skiing here is great.  The Faraya Mzaar ski area is quite large, to get you busy skiing down its marvelous slopes. In addition, try to go a little outside the major area, you will find some of the slopes absolutely for you and enjoy nature splendor and the buzz of skiing.

Another great advantage of skiing in Lebanon is that its slopes are like the Alps, which means that almost all of them are skiable and it is rather easy to ski off- trail. But you should beware of stones coming out of the snow.

Faraya is one of the best ski resorts in Lebanon that provides great ski conditions and facilities. Expert skiers may relish the most challenging steeps, when beginners train their skill on more gentle and mild slopes.