Lebanon is not popular as world-known ski destination, but many experienced skiers have already tried the taste of its snow. Want a perfect escape to an ancient country with great skiing conditions? Try Lebanon and learn what is skiing in the Middle East!

lebanonLebanon has 6 ski resorts and a season that usually lasts from December to March. The biggest resorts - Faraya-Mzaar above Beirut and The Cedars to the north - are luring an increasing number of foreigners, mainly from the nearest countries. In 2009, the Asian Winter Games will be held here.

Skiing is rather important in Lebanon's life and the way to present the country as the Arab world's top tourist draw.
The skiing is great here. The chair lifts and spoons (18 of them, the longest stretching two km) provide the access to gentle, treeless summits and ridges where the snow remains chaste for most of the season. 

A few cottages have changed to day-by-day rentals, but the idea of fully-furnished and self-catering doesn't seem to work here yet. But Lebanon's almost European prices, in addition to the cost of getting the country and the comparatively limited range of trails and après-ski options, show that it cannot actually compete with the ski resorts of France, Italy and Switzerland.

Ski Resorts
Ski resorts in Lebanon are usually compared to those in Europe catering top snow conditions and unbelievable slope skiing. Experience sliding down the hills in one of the most ancient and intriguing areas in the Middle East!