Japan takes its pride in immense skiing areas throughout the country. The mystical flavor of its culture mixed with thrilling skiing dowm the slopes covered with ever-best powder snow will make your winter vacation one of the most exciting.

japanJapan for a traveler caters many different things—from hiking the mountainous areas, to walking through the ultra-modern districts of the capital on a special Tokyo trip of karaoke bars.

Japan travel offers the visitors a combination of gigantic skyscrapers and modest mist cloaked mountain peak temples where Buddhist monks already have prayed for 700 years.

Japan is a country with immense mountain ranges, factually hundreds of ski resorts and lots of snow, but due to a language barrier and the country’s detachment from West World it avoided crowds of international tourists.  
Most of Japan’s biggest and best-recognized ski resorts are located on Hokkaido, the north island, or on the northern half of Honshu, Japan’s major island. Hokkaido now has most of the praise, but the 1998 Winter Olympics were held at some honored resorts in Nagano area, on Honshu. Some of the Honshu territories, like the enormous, multi-resort Hakuba area, are also luring international visitors.

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Ski Resorts
Japan boasts of the numberless ski resorts that cater world-class ski conditions and facilities. The best snow powder, well-groomed trails and well-developed lift network are among the main advantages and attractions of the ski resort here.