India boasts great history of winter sports development. Through the years it caters great ski conditions and astounishing mountain views, which make the guests addicted to the ski vacations in India.
indiaSkiing, as any other mountain adventure sports in India, is a heritage of the Europeans. The summers here have been rather unpleasant, especially for the Europeans who came from generally from the cold countries.

And they went to the Himalayas, close from main cities in north India, in order to relax in the chilling atmosphere. Many mount villages were found, the most renowned among them were Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, and Nainital. Here one could stay for a night as well as opt in recreational activities like skiing and trekking. 

Some of these places still boast the finest skiing slopes in the whole country. Prosperous Indians began to take part in this sport even before independence. With the efforts of adventure sport establishments, locals were promoted to opt in this sport. Their efforts resulted in that they today have plenty of qualified staff at ski schools, who is now training crowds of tourists from all over the county and even world.
Ski Resorts
Ski resorts in India cater ultimate ski conditions and facilities, equel to those offered at world-famous ones in Europe or North America. Experience ski vacations in Himalayas and relish a lifelong memory!