Ski Resorts
Iceland's ski resorts boast of amazing nature surroundings as well as first-class ski conditions. They cater to winter sports enthusiasts of all abilities, ages and interests.

iceland-resortsWinter skiing is offered in most parts of the country. Ski resorts with both cross-country and Alpine skiing are found throughout Iceland.

Weather forecasts here are essential for those who are going to ski. It is reasonable to opt two mountains in considerable distance from each other and after listening to the forecast choose where you will ski that day.

Summer skiing is practiced at Kerlingarfjoll, close to Hofsjokull glacier in the background. A ski-school operates here from the end of June through the end of August. Lodging, dining facilities and rental shops serve the guests who are not at the school.

Blafjoll is one of best ski resorts in Iceland with summer skiing available on the glaciers nearby. BlafjollExperience incredible and challenging skiing down Blafjoll slopes.