Iceland is rather exotic ski destination. If you are looking for a place where you could relish glacier and off-trail skiing, set off for Iceland, as it will meet all your demands and needs.
icelandThe best time of year for skiing off-trail here is from mid-February to June. The mountains in Iceland are usually are lower than 1000-1500m (3250-4875 ft). As trees in Iceland are few, you won’t have to avoid them while skiing and just slide down, if there’s enough snow.

Usually you even can drive up to the ski trails or higher if you are driving in equipped jeeps. There are plenty of amazing skiing options on the glaciers in Iceland, but they are as dangerous, because of there may be crevasses. If you have no or little experience of glacier skiing it would be reasonable to avoid those areas.

 Packed snow is common here, but powder snow, unfortunately, is not. Surely, the snow conditions change through the season. In March and April you’re almost sure to ski great snow. Or you may try out the summer snow conditions in May – June.

Avalanches are a real danger in the mountains in Iceland. It’s reasonable to use an avalanche beeper while traveling here. If you are eager to travel to mountains throughout the country it’s recommended to hire a car.
Ski Resorts
Iceland's ski resorts boast of amazing nature surroundings as well as first-class ski conditions. They cater to winter sports enthusiasts of all abilities, ages and interests.