Ski Resorts
German ski resorts offer high quality services as well as the first class ski conditions for all ski abilities and ages. The great variety of non-ski activities is also offered here.

germany-resortsSkiing in Germany is sometimes overlooked. When considering skiing in Europe people do not usually think about this country, but they probably should.
Germany's ski resorts have a good name for being constantly of first class ski conditions with full range of services.

The resorts are mostly nice mountain villages, encircled by plenty of slopes. The resorts are rather serene during the weekdays, but are full of vacationers on weekends that arrive on Fridays and Saturdays and the mountains become much crowded. The same is with the nightlife. 

Sometimes there might happen problems with snow though and the resorts do not guarantee powder for the whole season. Another but little problem is small ski areas, but large is not always the best variant.

And main advantage is the accessibility of the resorts. The Munich’s airport is proximate to most the major ski areas. The German ski resorts are family-friendly, as the childcare is regarded as rather professional, too.

Olympic atmosphere is prevailing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The resort caters to more experienced skiers and snowboarders.