La Plagne
La Plagne is an amazing ski area that combines lots of resort villages. A great amount of diverse trails from easiest to expert. The resort caters of non-ski activities.
La Plagne

La Plagne is a ski region with the area of about 100 sq. km that unites ten big and small villages at different elevation. Skiing opportunities here are so diverse that it is difficult to count who trains here more often – the winners of competitions or small children.

This region is located on two levels: the upper one (1800 – 2150 m) stretches from the Bellecôte glacier to 6 villages which names always have the word “Plagne” (Plagne-Village, Belle Plagne, etc.). All the villages are interconnected by lifts and stand on treeless mountainsides.  The lower level (1250 – 1350 m), sparsely forested, ends on the southern side of the Rochette mountain ridge, approximately at the level of Montchavin village (1250 m).

The living conditions in the villages are different. Aime la Plagne consists of one huge building. Plagne Center is a modern village with opportunities for various sports and après-ski entertainments. The locals are proud of the fact that Olympic champion Jean-Luc Cretier trained himself here. Plagne Bellecôte at the edge of the glacier attracts those who came here for sports. The upper station of the lift is located near this village (3250 m).  

The longest trail (intermediate) leads from here to the Montchavin Valley (15 000 m, elevation change 2000 m). The most difficult trail is Allais (3000 m, elevation change 900 m). L’Exercice trail in Montchavin (easy) is ligtened on Tuesday – Thursday from 17.00 till 19.00. The best virgin slopes are on the northern side of Bellecôte, Le Dérochoir, Friolin, Le Frete. Summer ski season on the Bellecôte and La Chiaupe glaciers opens in the beginning of July and ends in the end of August.

The villages offer different sports and winter entertainments. But the most popular in La Plagne are bobsleigh (Olympic trail), dog sled rides, and snowshoeing. For instance, one can go on instructor-led moonlight snowshoeing tour to the original Savoie restaurant in the high mountains. If not every than every second village has indoor sport complex and fitness center. 

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