Alpe dHuez
Alpe dHuez boasts a well-developed infrastructure. A great number of non-ski activities is offered here.
Alpe dHuez

Alpe d’Huez international ski center is located 60 km away from Grenoble at the foot of the Grandes Rousses massif. The name of Alpe d’Huez is known to those who keep up with Tour de France bicycle race; here one of the stages ends.

The resort stretched on the southward turned plateau and has sunny and mild climate. The locals used to say that if sun is not shining in Alpe d’Huez the night has come. It really gets dark quite late here even in January and February, so one may ski till 17.00 – 17-30.

The upper lift station is located on the highest of the local mountains, Pic Blanc (3330 m). Here two famous trails start. Trail de Sarrene is the longest downhill trail in the world (16 000 m, elevation change 1810 m), it goes to Alpe d’Huez via the Sarennes glacier. Due to downhilling conditions and the beauty of the landscape it may be compared with the famous White Valley in Chamonix. Le Tunnel trail is more difficult: its upper section truly goes through a tunnel that ends with a steep slope (3300 m, elevation change 770 m). The easier trails start at the intermediate lift station. 

The vastest virgin slopes are Pyramid Pass, Grand Sablat, Pic Bayle, high mountain gorges (Couloir de la Fare) are considered to be dangerous, it is recommended to use guide’s services going there.

Alpe d’Huez is a resort with developed infrastructure. Palais des sports sport center invites tourists to visit cinema, swimming pool, indoor tennis courts, squash, badminton, gulf, bridge. There are also outdoor fields for hockey, football, curling.

You may also learn to pilot a plane, to drive on ice (Trophee Andros annual competitions), take a course of mountain climbing, go in for paragliding, or go on snowshoeing instructor-led tour (2 – 5 hours). In addition the resort has a library, observatory (one can admire stars from 18.00/19.00 till midnight), the museum of local lore (continuous exhibition “Medieval silver mines”, audiovisual performance with demonstration of the film “Mountain that smokes”). Concerts of classical music are held in Notre-Dame-aux-Neiges church (20-30).

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