Ski Resorts
Ski resorts in Finland offer a full range of services, facilities and options. Nobody will get bored here as Finland has lots to boast besides skiing conditions.
finland-resortsAlthough Finland cannot boast high mountains, its visitors claim that its ski resorts have created all conditions to relish the ultimate needs.

The terrains are equipped for freestyle and snowboarding and serviced by great amount of lifts. Besides first-class ski conditions Finnish ski resorts cater diverse non-ski activities and apres-ski options. One may enjoy thermals or bath-houses, the other may visit local Santa or try out their nerve and set off for night ski walk.

Himos, Vuokatti, Levi, Pyha-Luosto, Ruka-Kuusamo and Saariselka are not the full list of Finnish ski resorts,   but they are the most popular and upgraded.They offer trails for all ski skills and many other amenities like ski schools and rentals.
Conveniently located, Himos offers first-class ski conditions and vivid apres-ski options.
Levi is popular among Finns themselves. And owing to well-developed infrastructure it became a center of business tourism.
Pyha and Luosto
Pyha and Luosto is one of the closest to the Polar circle. The resort boasts lots of adventurous non-ski activities.
Ruka and Kuusamo
Ruka and Kuusamo is famous for great snowfall and season duration. It offers developed lift network, trails for all ski abilities and great number of non-ski activities.
Saariselka has lots to offer for wild nature lovers. It caters a great amount of non-ski activities.
One of the largest in Finland. Vuokatti offers first-class ski conditions, vigorous apres ski, lots of non-ski sport and entertaiment activities.
Yllas boasts of the longest Alpine slopes in Finland. Many tourists enjoy the main non-ski activity, under ice fishing.