Finland's climate is the most suitable for skiing. Its ski resorts are well-developed and of world class quality.


Ski race is the most popular sport in Finland. Such ski races as “From Border to Border”, “Finland”, “Pirkka”, and, of course, the Off-Trail Race World Championship are world-famous.

Finns extended their love onto Alpine skiing, though the country’s landscape doesn’t allow it to compete with major European Alpine skiing countries.  The highest mountain of Finland is Halti (1365 m). However, even low hills here have lifts and prepared slopes for snowboarding and freestyling.

Finland’s climate is perfect for winter sports. Finns used to joke that they have “good and long, but snowy summer”.  In the northern Finland snow lies in the end of October already, and begins to melt not earlier than March beginning. In the central and southern Finland thick snow cover appears in December and melts in the middle April on the open areas. The average duration of winter in Lapland is 200 days, in the southern part of the country – up to 135 days. Thus, the duration of the ski season here is almost half of the year, from October to May, and its height falls on the beginning – middle February.  

It is a pleasure to visit Finnish resort in spring when in other countries the season comes to its end.  Polar night has its own exotics. The sun in northern regions located within the Polar circle does not rise higher than skyline. Alternation of total darkness and twilight (depending on the geographical latitude) lasts up to several weeks in December – January. Going to Lapland one shall know the terms of polar night. Northern lights most often appear in September – October and February-March.

Ski Resorts
Ski resorts in Finland offer a full range of services, facilities and options. Nobody will get bored here as Finland has lots to boast besides skiing conditions.