Ski Resorts
Chilean ski resorts offer the winter sports enthusiasts great skiing conditions and uncrowded trails. As Chile has the largest ski area in the southern hemisphere, one will surely find something to please his or her ski abilities.
chile-resortsThe Andes of Chile boast some first-class ski resorts. You won’t find immense Alpine resorts here, but most of them will cater even the most experienced skiers with ultimate skiing on rather uncrowded trails. The last two weeks of July and the week around September 11th-18th (Fiestas Patrias) are the Chilean holidays, so it would be reasonable to avoid these days. White sport enthusiasts tend to travel South with an intention to avoid the crowds gathering in the Europe and North America and over-priced ski resorts. Chile takes its pride in 3 regions for skiing/boarding: the High Cordillera (or central area), the Southern Volcanoes, and the Lake District of Patagonia.
Antillanca is one of the best Chilian resorts that boasts well-groomed trails for different ski abilities. The resort also offers lots of options for those who prefer off-piste skiing.
Chapa Verde
Chapa Verde boasts its diverse trails and marvelous views. Its visitors may try lots of other activities, such as snowshoeing or randonee.