Chile takes its pride in the largest skiable terrain in the southern hemisphere. Experience superb skiing down the Chilean Andes and vivid resorts' life.
chileChile's largest and most popular ski resorts are all located in Central Chile, and are easily reached by the travelers all over the world. Skiing in the Chilean Andes is a fantastic event - the season begins in June and ends in September, facilities here are first class, though the skiable terrain is the largest in the southern hemisphere, the crowds are out of here. Check out the detailed description of the major ski resorts in Chile. You may also try skiing the volcanic peaks. Chile boasts lots of thermals in the area.

 Chile’s ski resorts have their ski season open just as the Rockies are closing down for the year. From June almost through October, the resorts offer marvelous views of close snow-covered Andes Mountains and glaciers.Many of the resorts are fairly secluded and accommodation options here are varied and the nightlife goes wild through to the mornings. 
Ski Resorts
Chilean ski resorts offer the winter sports enthusiasts great skiing conditions and uncrowded trails. As Chile has the largest ski area in the southern hemisphere, one will surely find something to please his or her ski abilities.