Canada boasts some of the best ski resorts in North America. The ultimate ski conditions, marvelous mountain views and reasonable prices made Canada one of the top world ski dstinations.
canadaCanada tempts ski vacationers with clean mountain air, plentiful and chaste wilderness, and splendid mountain ranges. Canada ski resorts offer all ski and non-ski activities, and are again and again ranked as some of the best ski resorts in North America, with Whistler/Blackcomb awarded #1 in North America.

Canada provides the world's white sports enthusiasts some exceptional opportunities. It caters a great diversity of ski and snowboard slopes, and chaste winter terrain from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts.
In addition, you may visit this vast country for a ski vacation for a rather low cost, if to compare with other top ski destinations. And the country boasts rather long season duration compared to other popular resorts.

 Also include heli-skiing, which is available all year round. If not you may relish the numerous slopes that are open five months from November through April. If you set off for the western resorts, the season there lasts even longer. In addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding one who prefers cross-country skiing can find lots of facilities available in all provinces, as every district of Canada boasts ski facilities available. Many ski slopes away from the main skiing resorts are rather good. However the best resorts are in Western Canada in the British Columbia Rockies and the Alberta Rockies and at Whistler B.C., superb slopes also in Québec and Newfoundland and Labrador.
Ski Resorts
Ski resorts in Canada offer white sports enthusiasts some of the best skiing conditions in the world. One may relish the Alpine, cross-country and heli-skiing here as well as snowboarding and many other non- ski activities.