Zell am See and Kaprun
The amazing sceneies and laid-back atmosphere of the resort made it one of the most popular in Austria. Zell am See and Kaprun boast well-developed ski infrastructure.
Zell am See and Kaprun

The ski area in Europe sport region stretching on the sides of Kitzsteinhorn and Smittenhoe mountains is located at the elevation of 757 - 3203 m. This region attracts tourists not only in winter, but in summer as well. On the Kitzsteinhorn glacier season lasts all the year around. Zeller Lake is used for skating in winter months and for yachting and rowing in summer. Two major resorts of this region are Zell am See (9000 inhabitants) and Kaprun (3000 inhabitants).

Numerous lifts go from the center of Zell am See and adjoining area of Schutdorf to the Smittenhoe peak (2000 m). More than half of the trails are laid on the altitude over 1400 m that provides safe enough snow cover. There are two trails on Smittenhoe with elevation change about 1000 m especially interesting for braves – Trass (4200 m) and Standard - where the stages of World Cup were held; they both are equipped with snow cannons. Virgin snow skiing is restricted on Smittenhoe because of young planting that is kept under strict watch of foresters. Another inconvenience is made by the exceptional popularity of the resort: people from nearest cities rush here on weekends and holidays, so there are lines on lift stations. 

Those who love easy skiing should go to another bank of the lake to Tumersbach village. Several lift lines go to Ronachkopf peak (1326 m); the total length of groomed trails is 6 km.

Kaprun is located at a distance of 7 km to the south of Zel am See at the foot of the main Tauern range. 6 km from here the lower lift stations going to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier (3203 m) are located. 3 km tunnel is laid through rock mass. The intermediate station where one can get changing at Langwiedboden is called Alpincenter (2452 m). Here professional sportsmen train themselves before major international competitions. The trail going via Salzburger Hutte to Breitriesenalpe station (1670 m) is considered to be especially difficult. There is no groomed slope going to the valley neither from glacier, no from Alpincenter. Braves who set such a task before themselves should make use of guide’s services.

The trails in the area of Maiskogel to the south-east from Kaprun are perfect for intermediate skiers; beginners are on firm ground in the area of Lerchenberg.

Amateur sportsmen gladly come to Zell am See and Karpun: there are many opportunities to go in for sports besides skiing and snowboarding. Kaprun is known for its Optimum water-fitness complex, Zel am See also has health and fitness center. Tennis and squash, riding and parachute jumps, foot walks (40 km of marked paths) and tobogganing – are just some of the full range of opportunities. Après-ski entertainment is also rather diverse.

Zel am See is a resort full of traditions. It began to flourish at the end of XIX century when Austrian empress Elisabeth spent her summer here. She used to go on foot to Smittenhoe peak. The places of interest in the village are Rozenberg castle, Vogt tower, and St. Hippolytus church.

Kaprun became famous touristic center due to construction of the Tauern power station. Waters of two beautiful artificial lakes - Wasserfalboden and Mooserboden - are kept by dams with the height up to 120 m (excursions only in summer). A castle of XII century has preserved in the village.

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