St. Anton
Skiers of all abilities come here to try out their nerve. One of the main advantages of the place is chaste slopes.
St. Anton

St. Anton, St. Christoph and Stuben form common ski area and belong to Arlberg ski region. Free ski bus goes from Alpe Rauz village to Lech and Zurs that also belong to this region. Arlberg is called the cradleland of Alpine skiing. First Alpine ski club was opened here in 1901, and 1928 was the year of the first Alberg-Kandahar Race.

The majority of trails start from the top of Valluga Mountain (2660 m) where three lift lines lead. Trails are parallel on their upper section and diverge at Valluga Joch pass. The most difficult slope goes through Schindlerkar, the easiest one leads to Ulmerhutte (2650 m) from where one can go to Alpe Rauz, Stuben and St. Anton.  Valluga – Ulmerhutte – St. Anton is the longest trail (10 200m, elevation change 1350 m). 

Bold skiers turn to Matturn unprepared slope, but it is often closed because of snow slide danger. Arlberg-Kandahar, the most difficult trail of the region, starts at Kapall station at the elevation of 2330 m (3500 m, elevation change 959 m). The trails of average difficulty start at the intermediate lift station (Gampen, 1850 m).

Eastern slopes of the valley are not so popular, that is why queues before lifts are not long.  Meanwhile Rendl (2100 m) and Gampberg (2407 m) also give experienced skiers the opportunity to show their skills, for instance, on virgin slopes. An interesting trail starts at the highest point of Rossfallscharte (2645 m) and goes to the Malfontal Valley and the village of Pettneu. By the way, Pettneu is not included into Arlberg region and has its own groomed trails (15 km).

The advantages of St. Anton - St. Christoph – Stuben ski region is great opportunities for virgin skiing. There are well equipped fun-parks for snowboarders in Rendl area and Pettneu village and half-pipe (100 m) in Stuben.

St. Anton and Lech are the most expensive Austrian resorts, but there are hotels and boardinghouses of different price range in their outskirts.  Tiny St. Christoph (1800 m) where Austrian ski instructors are trained is considered to be the elite resort.

When preparing to the World Alpine Skiing Championship 2001 the new lift from Nasserein to Gampen was launched. People from many hotels get to it by foot.  Now it is quieter here: railroad that previously ran through the center of the village now goes by its edge where new modern station was built.

Among St. Anton’s disadvantages is the absence of indoor swimming pool. To swim one should go to the pool of St. Anton hotel or go to Pettneu. But St. Anton has a skating-rink, curling, indoor tennis courts were international tournaments are held, toboggan track (4200 m), and Alpine Skiing Museum. There are a lot of bars, discos, and restaurants for apres-ski entertainment. In the best restaurants a table should be reserved in advance.

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