The best place for ski races. Seefeld is the resort suitable for beginners and intermediate. One may enjoy a great outdoor stadium and lots of other activities besides skiing.

The name of Seefeld resort became known due to the Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck  (1964 and 1976) when its trails were used for skiing competitions.  Seefeld is considered to be a perfect place for cross country skiing: the length of prepared trails is over 120 km. Another 120 km of walking paths have been marked for those who is fond of walking.

Seefeld downhill trails at the elevation of 1200 - 2060 m are not very difficult. Geigenbuhel near the village is the best place for beginners. Lifts are located on the both sides of the valley. The slopes on Roshutte side (1800 m), i.e. from Seefelder-Joch pass (2100m) and Hermelekopf (2050 m), are relatively diversified. But here only initial sections of trails are difficult. Many experienced sportsmen having settled in Seefeld prefer skiing in the neighboring Garmish-Partenkirchene (Germany) which slopes they consider to be more interesting. Nevertheless, not many of them venture to take Reither Kar black trail (5000 m, elevation change 870 m). Those who have become familiar with the locality will find very interesting to downhill over virgin slopes to Gisenbach in the Epzirler Valley.   

The adjoining Leutaschtal Valley also doesn’t have very difficult trails. Beginners train themselves at Oberleutasch and Weydach slopes and on the way to Seefeld. The longest and relatively interesting trails (1600 m) start at Raut Hutte and Katzenkopfhutte. There is a snowboard park near this lift station where international competitions are held.

Leutaschtal villages can not keep up with Seefeld with its Olympic traditions, but it preserved the ancient beauty. There are no many-storied hotels here and tourists usually live in converted peasant bartons, apartments, cottages. Vast fields here are especially attractive for cross country skiing.

By winter of 1995 – 19996 Seefeld turned into large outdoor stadium: slalom track, springboards, arena for major sport events, skating-rink. In addition, in the indoor sport center one can play tennis, squash, minigolf, badminton, go in for aerobics, or swim in one of the two pools. Riding and snow rafting are also proposed.  Night program includes casino, cinema, discos, concerts, and other entertainments. You may learn the program of children events in travel bureau (for example, Winter Alaska Adventures, Leutasch). And, finally, why not to visit Innsbruck? It is so close.

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