Saalbach and Hinterglemm
The resort caters pleasure to ski enthusiasts of all skills. Modern ski conditions, vivid apres-ski and vigorous resort events make the place one of the most popular.
Saalbach and Hinterglemm

Saalbach – Hinterglemm is a ski resort in Salzburg state forming the common ski area with Leogang resort. The great number of interesting slopes allows a skier to ski all day over its surroundings every time taking a new lift.

Saalbach and Hinterglemm villages are in so close proximity to each other that people used to consider them to be a single resort. Nevertheless, they have some differences: in a high season Saalbach is more like a city due to its crowdedness, while Hinterglemm, where hotels are located not so closely, is a cozy village.  Hinterglemm has one more advantage:  the lower lift stations are located in close proximity to hotels. 

Reiterkogel, Bernkogel, Kolmaiskopf – at all of these points at the south slopes of the Ost-West Valley start sunlit slopes, mainly intermediate ones. The Trails on the opposite side are more difficult and interesting.  Schattberg-Nord trail (4 000 m, elevation change 1017 m) leading to Saalbach can be recommended to experienced skiers only. Zwolferkogel-Nord trail (3000 m, elevation change 884 m) is of the same difficulty. Schattberg-Ost-Jausern is the longest trail (7000 m, elevation change 1020 m).

Saalbach – Hinterglemm is connected with the adjoining valley and its center Leogang by the lift network. Here the same ski pass is valid and new opportunities for skiing appear.  The most difficult trail here is Tarlack (1000 m)

Amateur competitions on the trail leading from Unterschwarzach lift station to Hinterglemm is a great entertainment for the resort guests. Here every tourist can try slalom, giant slalom, dual slalom, and virgin snow skiing. Electronic timing, video filming, and professional advice will complement to the joy of “pretending being a sportsman”. 

In Saalbach – Hinterglemm you can master snowboarding and cross-country skiing. There are indoor swimming pool and tennis courts. Local skating-rink is attended by amateur skaters and figure-skaters.

As everywhere in Austria there are cozy mountain restaurants and cabins with Austrian cuisine in close proximity to many of lift stations and trails. The most popular are Thurner-Alm, Hinterhag-Alm (Kohlmais), Pfeffer-Alm (Reiterkogel). The choice of après-ski entertainment is wide in both villages, and the life is in full swing till deep in to the night. That is why those who seek quietness should better go to neighboring Leogang.

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