Lech, Oberlech and Zurs
These are among the most stylish and expensive Austrian resorts. Royal service, luxury accomodations and breathtaking skiing are the main attractions of the area.
Lech, Oberlech and Zurs

Lech (1450 m) located in the Arlberg region is a beautiful Alpine village with 6 five-star and 12 four-star hotels. Lech is one of the most fashionable and expensive Austrian resorts. Trails here are well-groomed, but not difficult, that is why Lech is a perfect place for beginners and those who enjoy easy skiing. There is sometimes another reason to worry about: in a heavy snowfall season the connection with the resort is temporarily lost.

This is the time to go to the shops where the last models of ski outfit are sold or to sit in a restaurant with Austrian or international cuisine.  Oberlech (1660 m), a tiny village on the Arlberg solar terrace, is connected with Lech by elevators only – other means of transportation are not stipulated, except for skis, of course. In Lech itself the vehicle movement is also prohibited. Cars are left in the underground car park on the village edge.   

The skiing area of Lech and Oberlech ends at Zuger Hochlicht (2377 m) and Kriegerhorn lift stations. From the first station you may downhill to Saloberkopf, Karhorn, and Stubenbach (though it is not so easy for those who are not familiar with the locality). The slope at the eastern side of Kriegerhorn is dared to be passed only by experienced skiers. The majority of the resort guests confine themselves to modest trails of Schlegelkopf, Schloskopf, and Petersboden in close proximity to the village.  The skiing zone above Zurs (1720 m) ends at 2443 m elevation. Two parallel intermediate trails start from the upper station of Trittkopf, as well as from Hexenboden station (2223 m).  Those who enjoy easy and beautiful slopes should better go to the opposite side of the valley (Zurser See und Muggengrat). 

Lech and Zurs are connected by lifts and runs. You may get from Lech to Ruffikopf station by a cabin lift. Here a very beautiful slope going to Zurs through Trittalm starts. You may get from Zurs to Zurser See by lift, and then to Madloch-Joch (2438 m). Here skiers will find groomed and chaste slopes. Behind Gestüt Hütte (1740 m) a skier must decide whether to downhill straight to Lech or go to Zug where he will find new opportunities. 

Arlberg is considered to be the united region, but Lech – Zurs in Foralberg state and Sankt Anton – Sankt Kristof – Stuben in Tirol state are connected not by lifts and trails, but by a free ski bus.  In addition to the park for snowboarders the resort has a tobogganing run. Guests are also proposed to take a horse sled ride and to try different kinds of indoor sport.  There are discos and cinema but people here (as well as in Zurs) used to have après-ski entertainment in privy in comfortable hotels.

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