Australia boasts great amount of skiing options and ultimate ski conditions to please the guests from all over the world. Check out the featured ski resorts and head for Australia to relish the magnificent nature and skiing.

australiaEven though Australia's highest peak (Mount Kosciusko) is just 2200m, NSW and Victoria provide amazing skiing in a number of resorts. In winter the Victorian Alps are the most popular skiing destination in Australia, with 10 excellent ski resorts during the whole season. In summer, the Alps are an ideal site for those wishing to see Australia as it is, here one may also hike, rock climb, fish and bike. In addition to lots of intriguing activities and marvelous setting, the Victorian Alps boast some of the most comfortable hotels and resorts.  

The Victorian Alps are in fact part of a greater mountain range, the Australian Alps, which are also known as the Great Dividing Range. The mountains stretch for almost 3000 kilometers from northern Queensland to central Victoria, reaching the highest elevation in eastern Victoria. Today many of old huts remain standing and are still in use, and they add a peculiar charm to the area and mostly serve as stops for skiers and hikers.

Most people heading to the Victorian Alps travel by car. This is a superb chance to view the sceneries along the way. If you decide to stay in the Victorian Alps in winter, you will be offered a full range of activities. You may rent the ski and snowboard gear on the mountain. In summer, the great variety of mountain rivers and beautiful trails make the Victorian Alps the ideal destination to observe Australian nature splendor as it is, and escape from the city fuss and relish nature in a matchless way.

Ski Resorts
Skiing in Australia is a great option for those who dream about skiing during the usual summer of the Northern Hemisphere. The ski resorts here cater world class skiing conditions and plenty of non-ski activities.