Argentina boasts some of the most majestic mountain views. The white sport enthusiasts of all ski skills will find something specially for them.

argentinaSki was added to the Olympic Games as a discipline in 1924, and Argentina, namely the Otto Mountain in San Carlos de Bariloche, hosted the first ski contest in the early 1930s. Since those days, sliding the steeps and snow-covered mountains of the Argentinean Cordilleras united white sport enthusiasts as well as new ones to snowboard and other sports.

 Ski resorts and snow parks, from Mendoza to Ushuaia, boast a wide-ranging infrastructure of lodgings and dining facilities located in the middle of the mountains.

At the challenging Andean steeps, you can train Alpine skiing or ski through plentiful valleys and plains opting in a Nordic ski race. All you have to do is to choose the site and picture your sliding down the tracks. Consider a timetable of ski lessons at a ski school, and renting the gear and the proper clothing.

Ski Resorts
Ski resorts in Argentina impress the vacationers with their top ski conditions and gorgeous mountain views. Dream of skiing in the proximity to the hotel with plenty of ski options and facilities? Head for Argentina ski resorts.