Andorra is a mountain country and is famous as European ski destination. Modern facilities, splendid sceneries and amazing ski conditions are main features of the Andorra's ski resorts.


Andorra is a state in the Pyrenees on the French and Spanish border. Its official languages are Catalan, Spanish, and French. Andorra’s area is 465 sq. km and its capital is proud of being at higher elevation above sea level than any other European capital – 1055 m.

Andorra has been long known in Europe as a vacation destination, but its winter resorts are very young. And this implies: up-to-date technical facilities, prime hotels, high service level, and genuine hospitality. Modern buildings and sport facilities of Andorra’s resorts blended with green meadows and valleys at the foot of high mountains.

65 mountain peaks rise into the sky above Andorra’s territory, the highest is 2950 m long. Major skiing regions of the country offer 250 km of prepared ski-tracks and numerous virgin slopes.  That is why snowboarders feel free in Andorra! 

Besides, to compensate absence of sea and beaches, the resorts and towns built superior health and fitness centers. The most famous are Caldea thermal center (outdoor pool with thermal water, Turkish and Roman baths, hydromassage, Jacuzzi, relaxing music) and Ice Palace in Canillo (skating, tennis, squash, and training equipment).

One more thing that attracts tourists to Andorra is its being a free trade zone. Prices in numerous boutiques, shops, and stores are lower than European ones. 

Ski Resorts
Skiing in Andorra is relished by white sports enthusiasts for its perfect resort infrastructure. Check out Andorra's best ski resorts.